Spring has definitely sprung, and trout season is upon us so get out and fish. All of the rivers, lakes, and ponds in NYS, PA, and our Great State of NJ are open for trout fishing. Be sure to check all regulations prior to fishing as changes to the fishing regulations has been made by the regulators. So, please read and update yourself on all changes in the regs for each state you venture to and fish. Please make sure all fishing permits are valid.

I am happy to announce that a general meeting is set for April 20, 2021 @ 7pm at the Fireman’s Field House Field outside. Please bring chairs and masks and your own drink. We will be socially distancing, and hopefully the weather is good. Even ifit is bad, we will still meet.

We will also be having a trip to the Catskills again this year, May 20-25, 2021. March browns and tan or grey caddis along with my favorite yellow evening hatch should be going strong. If you would prefer the West Branch, the hatches occur in the afternoon. It should be apple cadis and tan caddis size 14 to 16. Make your Hotel reservations now. The Roscoe area has many hotels and camp grounds. In and around Deposit, we have Trout fitters and other hotels. There is also the West Branch Angler and Dream Catchers. I will put more out information at the meeting on the 20th of April 2021.

I hope everyone has received a vaccine, and if not please keep trying to get the vaccine.

Tight lines and be safe!