Many of you have been following the Pebble Mine issue in Alaska's Bristol Bay and the threat that the proposed mine poses to the largest salmon spawning area in the world. We thought that you might appreciate an update of what's going on with the project. The Pebble Limited Partnership (Northern Dynasty and Anglo-American) continued another season of field work in 2009, wrapping up work last month. The word we continue to hear from PLP is that a mine plan will be ready for review and the permit application process will begin sometime around the 3rd quarter of 2010. That's when the process of securing 60+ state and federal permits will begin, and that process is estimated to take a minimum of 3 years. Without going into detailed legalese, there is also a pair of lawsuits ongoing at the state level contesting management of the state lands in the Bristol Bay region (Pebble lies on state lands). While these suits are in the very early stages, they at minimum have the potential to delay work on Pebble. You can continue to help fight Pebble and raise awareness by spreading the word about Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine. Here are a few ideas:

· Put the "No Pebble Mine" logo in the corner of advertisements and business mailings.
· Use the "No Pebble Mine" logo on your web site
· Link and/or to your website
· Include content about Bristol Bay in your company catalog
· Include Bristol Bay information on your web site.
· Include Bristol Bay information in print or electronic newsletters.
· Insert a Bristol Bay informational "Take Action" postcard in product packaging.
· Finally, send an email and tell your friends to help spread the word!