In our mission as a TU chapter, there is always a need to improve the coldwater resources here in Ocean and Monmouth County. Below is a summary of a source of funds that is availability to us from Trout Unlimited National. All that is needed is an idea or two and the chapter could be on the road to improve our fisheries. Give this some thought and let me hear from you.
  • Trout Unlimited Embrace -A -Stream (EAS) provides funding for conservation project managed by the chapter. The EAS program will funs the following types of projects;
  • On the ground restoration, protection or conservation efforts that benefit trout and salmon fisheries and their habitats
  • Education or outreach projects that increase the awareness and support of coldwater conservation among a non-TU audience.
  • Applied research, or monitoring that addresses the causes of fisheries or watershed problems and helps develop management solutions.
  • Advocacy efforts that will positively influence government planning or policy to benefit coldwater resources, including coalition building with other partner organizations.
  • Feasibility studies, campaign planning, or other tools that will directly contribute to TU's imminent ability to benefit coldwater resources.
  • Projects that increase the internal capacity of the chapter or council to benefit coldwater resources.
  • Any other well planned and feasible project that will provide direct benefit to coldwater resources.
Duane Lloyd